About Spa Bilancia

Bilancia - It is Italian for Balance. That is our mission at Spa Bilancia: Through our first-class guest services, our outstanding technicians and exceptional treatment regimens we want to help you bring back balance to your life and skin.

Balance between work and recreation, stress and relaxation, damage and rejuvenation. If one of these components is out of balance, it affects all other systems and areas of your life and health.

Whether it be stress from work and family, health issues, or just plain exhaustion from life we are here to assist in bringing harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

Whenever an opportunity presents itself, you should take a moment just for yourself. A beautiful view, a fabulous glass of wine, a relaxing massage or a renewing facial; take care of you. You deserve the best.

Enjoy the experience of Spa Bilancia and see how we can help your return to health and wellbeing.